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We are so excited to let you know we have been busy working on a brand new GoGirlsMusic website. It’s been in the works for awhile. This current site is more of a placeholder. There will be a new blog and lots of goodies. These days we spend most of  our time on social media. Most popular is our weekly GoGirls Twitter chat [#ggchat] every Thursday at 3pm & 9pm ET.

Our founder and fearless leader, Madalyn Sklar, has been busy assembling a team of GoGirls members who are taking on various leadership roles within the community. We are also revitalizing our GoGirlsMusic Podcast we started last year. Madalyn has been busy interviewing a variety of people who share their knowledge that will help you climb the ladder to success in the music business.

More coming soon!

Music Review: Sick Like Me – The Drum Cave Sessions

By Lilli Lewis

Sick Like Me
The Drum Cave Sessions
Genre: Alternative, Rock
Sounds like: Mazzy Star, Alanis Morrisette, mix of several influences and genres

SLM’s “The Drum Cave Sessions” plays as a testament to the broad tastes and talents of its mastermind, Amy Rasdall. From deeply grooved hard hitting rock tunes, to anthemic punk pop and power ballads, Rasdall proves that even if you can’t say it all in one EP, you can certainly try.

The taught, high octane “Gotta Change” is probably the radio single, but may be the least representative of the offering. This EP, with all its varied textures, is packed with broad, anthemic writing, slammin’ guitar, and a healthy appreciation for those just so harmony treatments that make good rock songs “sing” as it were…a practice that seems to be dwindling in indie rock these days.

Being a southern girl myself, I’m drawn to the deep pocket 6/8 instrumental jam of “All 9 of Us.” “Dirty” feels like a tune Melissa Etheridge could make a quick million off of, but the closer “Call My Name” plays like the real heart of the collection.

Over all, the vocals seem to have something of a garage band treatment while the songs come off as epic in scale and conception. I could see either more pristine or more psychedelic treatments, to reveal even more of the monster project this is. Best of all, these songs grow on you every time you play through. Eventually, you grow from being the fan to the friend, sitting in the corner of the drum cave, jaw dropped at the talent and passion making this music, and all you want to say is “rock on Rasdall!”

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