New GoGirlsMusic Website Coming!

We are so excited to let you know we have been busy working on a brand new GoGirlsMusic website. It’s been in the works for awhile. This current site is more of a placeholder. There will be a new blog and lots of goodies. These days we spend most of  our time on social media. Most popular is our weekly GoGirls Twitter chat [#ggchat] every Thursday at 3pm & 9pm ET.

Our founder and fearless leader, Madalyn Sklar, has been busy assembling a team of GoGirls members who are taking on various leadership roles within the community. We are also revitalizing our GoGirlsMusic Podcast we started last year. Madalyn has been busy interviewing a variety of people who share their knowledge that will help you climb the ladder to success in the music business.

More coming soon!

2 thoughts on “New GoGirlsMusic Website Coming!

  1. Hi, I have an instrumental CD I produced, and would love to see it on your gogirls music site.. Also promoting a female artist, Marie Willson, who also has a 10 track CD.. Any suggestions, what we need to do, to proceed… Thanks, Pamela

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